About Me

Having started videography in high school as part of a club, I took those experiences to the next level attending college to enhance those abilities. Earning my Bachelors degree in Film Production at Long Island University I learned all aspects of a minor production as well as the business side of the film industry. I have worked both in studio photography as well as food photography.

Being able to capture fun, intimate moments whether it be an event or just a person on the street, photography has given me a sense of passion I have never experienced before. I look forward to more of these moments and capturing a lifetime of memories.

Experiencing new and exciting places, having a great time, and seeing the world while capturing these moments has been exhilarating to my life. I enjoy travel, sports and culinary arts, being able to combine these loves with film and photography is what my life is about. I look forward to continue to do this while making new friends along the way!